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Drop Ticket Best Practices

Drop Ticket Process What to Expect

While the Drop Ticket/Tele Application is the easiest term application submission system in the industry, it is important that the agent prepare the client for the entire application process. There are three major delays in the Drop ticket Process:

  • The most frequent delay seems to occur because the applicants fail to answer the call from the insurance company interviewer. With the number of spam and robo calls, many people are not answering calls on their preferred phone number.  However, all of the interviewers will provide a call back number and instructions. It is critical to have the client call the interviewer back as quickly as possible to initiate the underwriting process; the phone number to call back is also located in the “What to Expect” this is great to send to the client as soon as you submit the drop ticket
  • The client’s lack of preparation for the insurance interview.  It is important to explain to the client what information they will need available for the interview. They will need to have medical information (conditions, treatments, and contact information), financial, and beneficiary information available for the interview.  This information is also in the “What to Expect”
  • Once a client completes the telephone interview, the carrier will send the client an email to eSign the “completed application”. Failure to complete the electronic signature by both the applicant and the agent (if required) will stall the process until completed. Please inform the client to expect a notification from the specific insurance company and inform them an electronic signature will be required. The insurance company will provide specific instructions.  If you are not sure of the process, please reach out to our team at any time.