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Welcome agents to our Life Portal

Our role is to complement your efforts as the client’s dedicated insurance agent. Our depth and breadth of dedicated resources will help you deliver the solutions your clients need.

Through each step of the process, we respect your position as the client’s agent. Our industry-leading services include:

Multi Carrier Proposals

Our open architecture platform, which includes some of the major carriers, enables you to deliver the independence and objectivity your clients rely on. It assures that your clients have access to the full menu of products and services needed to meet their various insurance needs. Plus, our internal support team is well educated in the strengths and weaknesses of each product solution available and can assist you, over the phone, to put together the best proposal for your clients.

Point of Sale Support

For advanced cases, we have dedicated product specialists, including an advanced markets attorney, who provide insightful case consultations for you to present to your clients. They are also available to accompany you on a case enabling you to bring additional resources to your client at no expense to you.

Business Processing

From submitting the application to meeting delivery requirements, our operations team can manage your case with the utmost care and efficiency. Overcoming underwriting challenges is a core competency of our Risk Management Division. We will match risks to various carriers and work with them to address large and/or difficult medical, financial, or other risks. We have vast experience working with discerning clients for whom privacy is of paramount concern. In short, we work expertly and diligently to achieve a positive experience in each client engagement.

Above and beyond the services mentioned you, as the dedicated agent, will have access to our Wealth Strategies Division. This team of resources is –

  • Experienced and trained in both individual and business planning strategies
  • Up-to-date on legislative and regulatory changes that may impact your financial goals
  • Skilled in delivering innovative, comprehensive financial strategies and tactics

Our highly experienced team supports you with advanced analytics and comprehensive case consultations. We share your commitment to giving you the information and knowledge you need to make informed decisions with confidence. We can also work with your legal and tax consultants, whether it’s to address current liquidity needs, manage risk, to create a lasting legacy.

For more information about the program, call us at 1-800-648-0787.